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If these people have to afford something very expensive, only one loan can be considered for realization. Especially if a new car is needed, the apprentices are dependent on such financing. Online loans often offer trainees better conditions for loans from branch banks, for example in the form of lower interest rates. It is worthwhile to compare all offers to find the best loan agreement. Another advantage of the online trainee loan:

Online loan for interns

Online loan for interns


In principle, this option, which is used by many consumers, is also open to apprentices. Online loans are mainly provided by direct banks and Internet banks, but traditional branch banks also make them available on the Internet. The on-line loan for interns is usually a normal installment loan with a fixed contract period and regular interest and principal payments.

The trainee only has to provide his / her personal information as well as information about his / her employment and salary on the respective website. The stored information is checked and evaluated by the stored program. In the case of a positive result and appropriate proof, the online loan is basically no longer in the way for trainees. This is done using the PostIdent method and now the VideoIdent method.

The printed application will be signed and sent to the house bank along with the required documents. It compares them to the online data. The loan is issued when the exam results are “consistent” and the credit bureau information is not bad. The trainees must bring the same requirements for online loans as usual. This means that a loan is only possible from the age of majority and in the presence of a permanent residence in the Federal Republic.

This is usually collected in connection with online queries. Almost always, a so-called scoring system is set up in which the users’ inputs are evaluated with regard to creditworthiness. Depending on what the rating determines, the credit note will already be issued (rejected) or rejected online. The approach to online loans is very consistent and consistent.

This may make it difficult for those trainees who do not yet have the best credit rating to get such a loan. This also depends on how “intelligent” the stored device is and to what extent it observes the individual circumstances. In any case, an online credit check for interns can not be disadvantageous.

Loans for interns without guarantor


The trainees have relatively little capital and still do not receive a good income. If these people have to allow something very expensive, only one loan can be considered for realization. Especially if a new car is needed, the apprentices are dependent on such a promotion. However, with a low apprentice wage they can not provide the necessary security for the local credit institutions and will in any case be rejected by them.

However, the situation is by no means hopeless and even without a guarantor there is the possibility of a loan in the present. The loan for interns without guarantors is provided by many house banks in the network and is ideal for a comfortable financing option. Borrowers without any proof of salary or guarantee need further security for the applications to be approved by the credit institutions.

If a property or other large valuables is available, the loan is usually readily given to unskilled trainees. However, in terms of maturities and services, borrowers are significantly limited in contrast to a normal loan. For example, you can usually only claim a relatively small loan and spend a lot of money on it.

However, a loan for trainees without a guarantee of a direct bank on the net is still the only possible financing option and therefore the unfavorable conditions must be accepted. The trainees can also count on a credit note for the trainees without guarantors, because in the net a free comparison can be carried out quickly and easily.

In this way, the potential borrower quickly finds a suitable loan, where the expenditure and the interest rate are still within a certain range. The comparison is very easy to handle and takes little time. The apprentices can request the loan for the trainees without guarantor via an online application and will be informed within a few days.

For trainees who are in dire need of money, a non-guarantor loan is the only possible option if there is no guarantor. The small loan business can then be tailored to individual needs and limited in terms of terms and loan amount. The trainees can help to finance an important purchase with the loan for apprentices without guarantee even without further support.

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