Here are the most common questions and answers about simple loans.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find common questions and answers. If you have any questions regarding the site or our service, please feel free to contact us.

Can I apply for a loan from Kreamie?
Enmerks does not offer lending of any kind. You must select the lender on our site and then click on the lender’s website to apply for a fast loan.

Can you help get an application granted?
No, we cannot influence the decision regarding your application.

How much can I borrow with fast loans?
The maximum amount for a fast loan varies greatly between the different lenders, ranging from USD 3000 to USD 40,000. It may also happen that the lender offers you a lower loan amount than the maximum amount, if the lender considers that your credit rating is not sufficient for the maximum amount.

What interest rate does fast loans have?
All lenders offer different interest rates and these can be found on the respective lenders’ website. However, you can see exactly how much you can pay in loan costs with each lender by using our service.

What are the loan terms for a quick loan?

What are the loan terms for a quick loan?

The basic conditions for applying for a quick loan are:

  • You must be of legal age (18 years)
  • Be registered in Sweden
  • Have a postal address in Sweden
  • Hold one onto a Swedbank
  • You must have some kind of income
  • You may not have any remaining debt with Dropencash

Also, with some lenders, you may not have payment notes, even though you have paid the debt at Dropencash. Also recommended is that you have a registered mobile subscription as well as BankID or e-identification.

Can I borrow with debt from Dropencash?
As long as you have a remaining debt with Dropencash you will not have your application approved by any lender. We also strongly advise you not to apply for a loan with debt from Dropencash.

Can I borrow with payment notes?
There are several lenders who can accept payment remarks. However, it is required that you currently have a sound economy, that you are considered creditworthy according to a credit report and that you have some form of income.

Are there lenders who do not take credit information?
By law (from 2014), all lenders must make a regular credit report with a credit reporting company.

Can I borrow without a credit report from UC?
Yes, most fast-lender lenders use other credit reporting agencies than the UC Information Center. In our reviews of the credit companies you can clearly see if they use UC or another company, and if you can take a quick loan without UC.

Can I get money the same day?
Most fast lenders offer payouts on the same day, provided you apply well in advance and sometimes even have a certain bank. In our reviews you can see the payment times each lender has.

Is it possible to extend a quick loan?
Many fast loan lenders offer the option of extending your loan, but in these cases, interest and costs are added. We therefore advise you to extend your quick loan if absolutely not necessary.

Is it possible to have multiple quick loans at the same time?
You can have several quick loans at the same time if you apply to different lenders, provided your finances and creditworthiness support it. However, we recommend that you always repay your quick loan before applying for a new one.

What happens if you do not pay fast loans?
If you do not pay your fast loan on time, it will have consequences for you and your finances. The following steps and steps are taken:

  1. You will receive a reminder with late interest
  2. You will receive a debt claim from a debt collection company, with additional costs

When your debt ends up at Dropencash, you often make a measurement of your assets and valuables. Money, assets and valuables can then be taken away from you, to settle your debt. If you do not have any assets, Dropencash will make a measurement of your income, which will keep you at a minimum until your debt is paid off.

We urge you to always plan and budget your finances before applying for a quick loan, just to ensure you can repay the loan and not put yourself in an uncomfortable, financial situation.

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