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A short-term payday loan has the advantage that the consumer can get a small loan very quickly. Some providers state that the money is already in the account within 10 minutes. Apply for a small loan in 2 minutes, apply for a small loan in 60 seconds, a small loan in 30 minutes with Supra Service. New customers apply for up to $ 500 in 2 minutes for 30 or 62 days. Sign a credit agreement only once and receive it up to 600 $ at any time.

Short Term Loan – Borrow money for 30 or 60 days

Short Term Loan - Borrow money for 30 or 60 days

These may be significantly higher than the interest rates on a short-term payday loan. What is a short-term payday loan? In most cases, first-time applicants will not receive more than $ 500.00. The amount increases with timely repayment on up to 3.000,00 USD. What are the requirements for a short-term payday loan?

When applying for a short-term payday loan, you must be at least 18 years of age and not under guardianship. In addition, a permanent residence in the Federal Republic is required, which must correspond to your data on the identity card (“identity card”). In the case of divergent information on the card, a loan application is usually rejected.

Tolerated citizens whose residence is unclear or who can not produce official documents will not be granted a short-term payday loan. Third-country nationals can only apply for a short-term payday loan if the stay is regulated. Even an existing arrest has the consequence that a short-term payday loan is rejected. Minimum income required for short-term payday loans? However, independence must be consolidated and has existed for a year.

For a short-term payday loan up to 1,000 USD usually no collateral is required. In addition, however, it is possible for a lender to request further collateral if repayment is not fully covered by the minimum income of USD 601.00. Other income derived from renting or leasing a property, workshop, basement or business premises, as well as investing in it, is included as collateral.

Promote short-term payday loans as a trainee?

Promote short-term loans as a trainee?

You can get a short-term payday loan as an intern after the probation period if your internship income equals the minimum of 601.00 USD. For short-term payday loans you need them? short-term payday loans are not registered with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (credit bureau) if the creditworthiness is positive. This can change if you can no longer use the short loan.

This is usually not the only credit bureau in the domestic insurance market, but in Germany. In the case of a short loan, the lender receives a credit bureau statement or another credit reference agency. The information is used by the lender to decide on the approval of a short-term payday loan. However, an institution is not linked to this information, which is why a short-term payday loan is granted even if the credit rating is negative.

The transmitted data of the Foundation serves the lender only for information and not as a binding or even legal decision-making aid. Conclusion: The award of a short-term payday loan is not decided by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, credit bureau) or another credit institution. When does a short loan make sense? A short-term payday loan is charged with high interest rates, so that it is only worthwhile as a short-term bridging loan if it is necessary to repay substantial short-term debts.

You must consider how quickly you pay off such a short-term payday loan. Alternatively, a deposit may be cheaper if the cost of the deposit is high. When does a short-term payday loan make sense? With a short-term payday loan, you need to think about the need, because you pay more than you lend. Accelerated handling of short-term payday loans is only possible for a fee.

High interest expense on the conclusion of a short-term payday loan. Bank branches and branches with branch offices in your area usually provide a short-term payday loan just overdraft on your account. What do I have to do to apply for a short-term payday loan? Misinformation can lead to a cancellation of up to 15% pa and thus to a high interest burden of up to 15% pa.

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